Currently we offer the following services:

Terrain Building, Scratchbuilding, Conversions, Model / Army Assembly, and Painting Services. 


All terrain is different - each based on what suits your need, budget and gaming style. Currently, we offer coverage of all genres and scales for wargames.

We offer two basic types of terrain: prebuilt and custom. Prebuilt items can be found the For Sale page and custom projects are quoted according to your needs and budget. Basically all terrain is assembled, primed, painted and sealed before shipping unless otherwise arranged.



We pride ourselves on the unique, so scratchbuilding and specialty builds are always welcome.

Would you like to field a few Arbites spider servitors and don’t have the time? Ever bought a second hand Dark Eldar Talos only to find that you need to replace missing arms? Well, I have on both counts! Contact me for an estimate.

Conversion & Assembly

Need a unique looking model? Everything that is involved converting and assembling a model can be found in this segment of Konflikt. Raw assembly of bitz, pinning, even gap filling! 



We offer a  competitvely priced paint service that is on a first come, first serve basis. Anything from a  single model, unit or a starter army. We can customize your bases as well. For a quick view of some of the past paintied projects, click here: 

Email us for an estimate.