Welcome to Konflikt Terrain

Congratulations. You've fallen upon a great little spot in the world of gaming terrain. 

We're the master architects that produce unique, custom and general terrain needs for all gaming systems at all scales, large and small. We always underpromise and overdeliver on each project.

Every build is uniquely designed and hand-crafted, using the highest quality materials to create terrain that will withstand constant use from home through tounament games.

Konflikt Terrain is the best option for your terrain needs.


Who is Konflikt Terrain?

Konflikt Terrain is the result of a life-long gamer that became intrigued with building gaming terrain about five years ago.

We’ve been building terrain for other gamers since then - everything from Epic 40K to Malifaux. With more than thirty years spent playing and mastering all sort of role playing, board and CCG games and another twenty years in the design field, it was a natural bridge to a creative outlet.

With the flagship builds complete and many happy customers, our niche is filled - and growing.


Why Konflikt Terrain?

Because we offer the unique, the custom, and the general in terrain of all scales  - all genres!

Konflikt Terrain creates with quality materials. Every piece of terrain is built with longevity, flexibility and usability in mind. We build quality plastics, plaster, wood, MDF, resins, or pink foam along with GW or Forgeworld bitz!


Konflikt Terrain offers easy payment options and shipping. You can always make a payment by paypal or money order. If cash is a little tight, ask about paying half in trade with models or bitz, or even a trade in full!

For shipping, choose the service level and pay actual shipping with no additional charges for packaging materials or fuel surcharges. ALL shipments in the U.S. will be shipped with delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional and additional.

Konflikt Terrain is always easy to reach. Contact us and within 48 hours, we’ll discuss your needs, options and budget. Soon after we reach an agreement, your project is placed in the work schedule and then WIP reports are then made throughout the process of your terrain build. It’s that simple.


Where is Konflikt Terrain? 

We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Feel free to contact us through the "Contact Konflikt" tab above. We have also established web presences on these reputable 40K sites:

On Dakkadakka.com as: BITZJUNKIE

On Bartertown.com as: BITZJUNKIE


What are customers saying about Konflikt Terrain? 

KonflikT Terrain on Blogs & Forums:

" Can't say enough how happy we are with your work. It's amazing and we are so very happy with our Wild west scenery. THANK YOU Konflikt!  

                                                                                         - Gordon, Adler Hobbies  

" I just had to say dealing with Konflikt Terrain in multiple deals is just a pleasure. They communicate fast, work with you and make beautiful painted terrain that you would need to pay lots of $$$ for in the store when it's not even painted or assembled... Just wow..."

                                                                                         - Flyingwhale, Bartertown 


" I got the Korean fortress in my hands today. All I can say is WOW! You have definitely earned my customer loyalty. Five stars on detail, design, paint - everything is great. Perfect scale!!!"

                                                                                         - Brian Hart, Historical Wargamer 


" I commissioned Konflikt Terrain to make some Warhammer terrain and gaming boards for me. Once I received the packages I could not believe how well these pieces looked! They did a FANTASTIC job, leaving no space unpainted or unflocked. They put great detail, (And I imagine no little amount of hours) into all my terrain. The result was a VERY satisfied costumer, and a custumer for life. We have already gotten our next deal worked out! I would advice ANYONE who is looking for detailed terrain for cheap prices to look no further than Konflict Terrain. Thank you again Konflikt!"

                                                                                         - CM Sheats Painting Services 


" Konflikt answered my ad asking for a terrain builder of a small terrain set to give as a Christmas present. In the end, I would end up with a couple pieces I didn't want to give away for Christmas as they were so damn cool. The quality that they turn out is stupendous, can't recommend it enough."

                                                                                          - Rich, Clash For A Cure 


" I had the pleasure of dealing with Konflict through a trade on Bartertown. I offered up some $, a big lot of metal/plastic bits and Templar figs for 40k, they offered up sets of FOW Stalingrad and Western Front terrain. I was expecting about a 4x4 table's worth each, instead, I got enough beautifully crafted pieces to cover a 6x4, with extras thrown in to boot! Detail and craftsmanship really show and I get compliments on these all the time. I could not be happier and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!" 

                                                                                          - Big O, Bartertown



Konflikt Terrain on blogs: